About Point Man

Our Mission

“To connect the hurting veteran as well as their families and friends with others who have already begun the transition home after war. With Jesus Christ as our focal point it is our desire is to provide spiritual and emotional healing through our existing Outpost and Home Front system.” Point Man International Ministries is a non-profit organization incorporated in July of 1984 for the purpose of addressing and meeting the spiritual, physical and social needs of veterans, active military members and their families. The primary focus is to bring about a restoration of lives by restoring faith in God and developing a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ by seeking him for healing of the emotional wounds of past experiences. Point Man is a faith based service organization with an evangelistic purpose. It provides information and resources to the public, but keeps Jesus Christ as the focal point. Point Man acts as a referral source to connect hurting soldiers, veterans, wives and other family members to our Outpost and Home Front groups for support, meals, fellowship and bible study. These groups are available at no charge and utilize the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Biblical principles to facilitate healing, restoration and spiritual growth.