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Point Man Kansas is a Christian ministry for vets by vets including: first responders, firefighters, and law enforcement officers due to high rate of PTSD and suicide within these groups.

Point Man Kansas exists to connect the hurting veteran as well as their families and friends with others who have already begun the transition home after war. With Jesus Christ as our focal point it is our desire is to provide spiritual and emotional healing through our existing Outpost and Home Front system...more

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Rosie & Steve Williams, were honored by members of the Kansas House Veterans Committee

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
By Staff

Congratulations to Rosie & Steve Williams, who were honored by members of the Kansas House Veterans Committee on the final day of the Kansas Legislative session. The husband and wife pair were recognized for their service to veterans through the Kansas Point Man ministry and through their recent book, "Nine Pairs of Boots In Vietnam." Steve gave critical testimony during hearings in the Kansas House for the proposed new Veterans Home to be built in northeast Kansas. The bill was eventually passed more

A Uniting of Hearts and Families

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
By Rosie J. Williams

I think that’s her, Verlin said. Tony agreed and the two of them intently watched the lady on the other side of the banquet hall. Just then, Steve sat down at their table.  “No, that’s not her, I just met Susan, and there she is, standing over there with her husband”. Everyone at the table turned to see the woman they had wondered about ever since they heard she was going to be at the military reunion that year. Emotions were running wild with these three Nam vets who were more

Thank You For Being There

Friday, June 16, 2017
By Staff

On June 16, 2017, Point Man of Topeka was honored by the VA for 20 years of service to the Stress Disorder Treatment Program. Point Man has provided thousands of meals with help from the meal team at Topeka Bible Church and other community volunteers. In addition, Point Man has provided thousands of “forgiven” dog tags to remind our veterans of Christ’s love and forgiveness for them. To the alumni of the Topeka program and current veterans being served, we say “thank you and more