Home Front

Obviously we can’t experience war in the same way they did. We can’t get inside their heads or under their skin so that we can see, feel and smell the memories, nightmares, pain and anger lived and re-lived on an almost daily basis. We can, however, learn to understand, support, and recognize triggers which touch their very souls, and often take them unwillingly back in time and space to circumstances where over and over again they relive what they so much would like to forget.

Groups are led by Christian mothers, wives and friends of both active duty military and veterans.
They provide an understanding ear and caring heart that only those left behind at home can acquire.
They have experienced the stress of dealing with deployment and the effects of a loved one returning home from war.

If someone you love has been deployed or is having issues re-adjusting since coming home, get connected with a local Home Front group or contact HQ for assistance.  You can also find more resources here.

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