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When War Comes Home: Christ-centered Healing for Wives of Combat Veterans
Bridges to Healing Series

When War Comes Home: Christ-centered Healing for Wives of Combat Veterans offers spiritual comfort and practical, Christ-centered solutions for wives of combat veterans struggling with the hidden wounds of war ranging from reintegration challenges to potentially devastating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These are solutions for the “Secondary Trauma” she is experiencing when his trauma symptoms impact the family and even begin to show up in her. Insights from the medical and counseling community are wrapped in biblical principles and combined with the shared experiences of wives who are veterans of their own husbands’ PTSD struggles. The book guides wives to: 1) understand what happened to her husband – spiritually, psychologicallyand physiologically; 2) understand how her husband’s trauma symptoms are affecting her; 3) learn how to deal positively with grief, loss and forgiveness issues associated with her husband’s PTSD; 4) learn how to build her own “healing place,” develop her support network and knowwhen and how to find physical safety; 5) understand and focus on her true identity in Christ; 6) recognize the real enemy and how to fight the spiritual war she and her family are engaged in; 7) learn how she can contribute to her husband’s healing environment; 8) learn how to construct a safe, healthy environment for her children; and 9) understand the process of moving on to a “new normal.”

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